Digital Floor Plans

We specialize in creating high-quality floor plans for real estate agents, property managers and developers. Our expertise includes all building types — apartments, townhouses,single-family homes, large estates and commercial properties.


Whether you are an individual or a Real Estate Professional looking to sell or rent a property, you need to present your property in the best possible manner.


Why provide floor plans for your listings?


  • Photos and virtual tours are important tools now used by almost every real estate agent. Professionally drafted floor plans will make your listings stand out and help draw even more attention from prospective buyers.


  • Being able to visualize the layout of a property is not an easy task for the average buyer. What’s even more difficult is the buyer to remember the layout after visiting multiple properties. By providing our floor plans to your prospective buyers, you can ensure that the layout of your listing is easily understood and never forgotten.


  • All you need to do is to send us your original architectural drawings or sketches and we will deliver your floor plans in high-resolution JPEG image format via email.

The price starts at £15.00+VAT per plan, incl. labeling with room names and sizes

Interactive floor plans with your photographs and floor plans

An interactive floor plan of a property for sale or lease creates a sense of “being there” for the viewer. By combining the floor plan and photos of the property, viewers can see where each photo is taken from and which way the camera was pointing.


Whatever you do in real estate, DOCUEX interactive floor plan solution adds value to your business. Docuex delivers rich visual information,engaging the viewer for longer, allowing interaction with the property you’re marketing.