Order Your Raster to CAD Test Plan Conversion

Please use the form below to order your TEST conversion. If you don´t have a scanned file, please send your hardcopy to our office and we will scan it for you.

Frequently asked questions

Usually we need 2-3 business days to deliver a high quality CAD file.

The following file formats are available for our
TEST conversions: AutoCAD (DWG) and ArchiCAD (PLN)

All information that you can visually recognise, we can reproduce precisely in CAD.

  • Yes. We routinely work to unique client specifications, internal and external
    standards. As you begin a relationship with us, we literally get to know one
    another. We don’t attempt to impose our way on you, though we can make
    recommendations if desired. We usually discover what your way is and maintain that
    procedure for you, wherever that is required. Typical specification or standard details include:
  • Layer structure
  • Scale
  • Text Size
  • Line Weights and Types
  • Etc.

Yes, we would be pleased to provide an individual quotation for the DOCUEX
CAD digitization of multiple drawings/maps. Just remember though, we need to see the
originals or good copies.

The most important for us is that the client is 100% happy with the job. After the TEST conversion is complete we will use the provided email to deliver the finished file. We ask our clients to check within 24 hours the completed drawing and let us know if any further adjustments are needed. When everything is OK, we will send you the invoice to pay within 7 days.

If you require any further information, feel free to Contact Us