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Paper To CAD Conversion

Paper To CAD Conversion Services

In the world of design and architecture, precision is paramount. The ability to convert paper-based drawings into digital formats such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is an essential aspect of modern design and engineering processes. 

With the advent of technology, professional Paper to CAD conversion services have emerged as a crucial solution for architects, engineers, and designers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of these services and how they can elevate your design projects to new heights.

Paper To CAD Conversion

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PDF to CAD Conversion

The benefits of using our Paper to CAD Conversion service:

Our Expertise

Paper To CAD Conversion



Precision and Accuracy

One of the key advantages of professional Paper to CAD conversion services is the unparalleled precision and accuracy they provide. Converting paper-based drawings to CAD ensures that every line, measurement, and detail is captured flawlessly. This level of accuracy is indispensable in industries where even the smallest error can lead to costly setbacks.

Our proficient conversion team meticulously assesses each project in a systematic, step-by-step manner to ensure that all your requirements are fully satisfied.

We take all data-related concerns seriously and give them the attention they deserve. With this approach, we offer a firm-fixed price quote, ensuring there are no hidden costs for you. Additionally, all of our work is backed by a guarantee, providing you with peace of mind.

In the rare event that we do not meet your expectations, we are committed to taking swift corrective measures to address your concerns and use those experiences as opportunities for learning and improvement. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Above all, we maintain regular communication with our clients to gauge their satisfaction levels and continually enhance our services based on their feedback and needs. Your input is valuable in our commitment to providing the best service possible.



Frequently asked questions

Typically, we require 3-4 business days to deliver a high-quality CAD file to our clients.

For our conversions, we offer support for the following file formats: AutoCAD (DWG) and ArchiCAD (PLN).

We have the capability to accurately reproduce in CAD format all visual information that is recognizable by sight.

  • Certainly. We routinely adapt our work to match the unique specifications and both internal and external standards of our clients. When we initiate a working relationship with you, we take the time to understand your specific needs and practices. Our approach is not to impose our methods on you, but rather to align with your established procedures. We can provide recommendations when requested, but our aim is to seamlessly integrate with your way of working. Typical specification or standard details we accommodate may include: [List relevant specifications or standards here.]
  • Layer structure
  • Scale
  • Text Size
  • Line Weights and Types
  • Etc.

Certainly, we would be delighted to provide a personalized quotation for the CAD digitization of multiple drawings or maps. It’s important to note that we will need to examine the originals or copies in order to offer an accurate quote.

Our top priority is ensuring our clients’ complete satisfaction with the work. Once the conversion is finished, we will use the provided email to deliver the final file. We kindly request that clients review the completed drawing within 24 hours and inform us if any further adjustments are required. When everything is in order and meets your expectations, we will send you the invoice, and we ask for payment to be made within 7 days. Your feedback and contentment with the final product are of utmost importance to us.

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You need to scan your paper drawings? No problem: With our Large Format Scanning we are happy to assist you and scan your plans or documents into JPG or PDF format.

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